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Why You Need to Update Your Software and Apps

Cybersecurity Tips and Best Practices to Celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month

In celebration of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we continue to share weekly cybersecurity tips so that you can protect yourself from online threats. Whether at home or work, by arming yourself with the right tools and knowledge, you can make smarter cybersecurity decisions now and in the future.

Cybersixgill is a deep and dark web threat intelligence platform that analyzes dark web activity undetectably and autonomously.

This week, Delilah Schwartz, Product Marketing Manager, shares why you need to pay attention to those notifications informing you to update your software or an app. Delilah is passionate about making cyber-speak accessible to non-technical people and has been instrumental in bringing important cybersecurity research to the forefront.

The bottom line is that updating your software or an app is important to protect yourself from a hack. If you don’t, you are exposing yourself to a cyberattack. In a nutshell, update alerts are security patches to fix flaws or weaknesses discovered in the software. If it is not addressed, a hacker can exploit the weakness and attack your systems and devices – they could even take full control of your device, encrypt your data, and send you a ransom demand. So, next time you receive a notification, respond by updating your software or app.

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