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What the heck is threat intelligence?

We all understand the value of information, but what we’re still struggling with is turning that into actionable intelligence, and nowhere more than within the digital threat realm. There’s no denying the power of understanding your adversaries and being able to anticipate or predict their next moves. Think of this as not only understanding how and where chess pieces go, but also knowing the tactics and moves your opponent is likely to level against you. In the real world we understand this; however, in the digital realms, this is still something we grapple with understanding.

Until now…

In this episode, Chris defines what exactly threat intelligence is and how to stay ahead of the curve with its use. He’ll uncover how to measure it and how to operationalize it to improve your organization’s performance. Do you have threat intelligence in your organization? Evaluating a new solution? Chris will uncover the criteria you should keep in mind as a litmus test for quality intel...and more!

See you in the dark.