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Threat Hunting to Catch Adversaries, Not Just Stop Attacks

Photo by Laura College / Unsplash

Threat hunting needs to evolve from mitigating risk to the pursuit of adversaries.

Threat hunting has helped security teams detect and reduce dwell time of breaches. But most of these hunting expeditions focus on threats — leaving the adversary free to launch more attacks with different tactics.

Watch our webinar series with Threat Post where you will learn how to track down adversaries before they launch their next attack against you. We will also take attendees on a live tour of the dark web and other closed sources. Both will deliver priceless insights into the motivations and activities of threat actors and how you can better bolster defenses.

Throughout the conversation, our cybersecurity experts explain the motivations of adversaries, how they network online and how to anticipate their next moves. Our panel of experts offer practical advice when it comes to fending off the latest challenges facing the cybersecurity community.