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Threat actor auctions access to four e-commerce sites

For opening bid of $3000, purchasers can gain access to shops’ checkout pages and databases.

Photo by Dylan Gillis / Unsplash

On January 12, a threat actor posted selling compromised access to four e-commerce sites shops. The access includes iframe payment methods, which are embedded payment pages from a third-party payment service provider (such as a credit card processor or PayPal). Access to the iframe payment page would allow the attacker to harvest any payment information input into the site.

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The package includes admin privileges and access to a web shell and database.

While the post does not specify the sites, it does detail the number of cards used for payments for the last three months. This will enable a prospective buyer to assess the number of transactions and approximate profit they could gain.

The starting price is $3,000, with a “buy it now” price of $4,500.

On the underground, we often find threat actors selling access as a service. This includes access to compromised endpoints, domains, and protocols, such as RDP. Instead of figuring out how to secure initial access--the first stage in a cyberattack--threat actors can simply purchase it from these initial access brokers.

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