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Blak Cyber Podcast: Interview with Yatia Hopkins

Cybersixgill Presents an encore episode of George McPherson's Blak Cyber podcast.

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Blak Cyber podcast’s George McPherson sits down with Yatia “Tia” Hopkins, an award-winning cybersecurity executive who is currently Field CTO and Cyber Risk Strategist at eSentire. She is also an adjunct professor of cybersecurity at Yeshiva University, is pursuing her Ph.D. in Cybersecurity Technology Innovation Management, and is the founder of Empow(H)er Cybersecurity, a 501(c)(3) organization focused on providing a safe space for women of color interested in or currently working in the field of cybersecurity. Tia’s mission is to help drive the growth and success of the cybersecurity industry, and she is committed to creating the next generation of cybersecurity professionals who are as diverse and inclusive as possible.

Learn about Tia’s journey in the cybersecurity industry and the core values that enabled her success. She shares the importance of critical thinking, why every conversation is about positioning yourself, how to lower the perceived barrier of entry into cybersecurity, and more.

Originally premiered Nov 2, 2020


The Blak Cyber podcast talks with Yatia "Tia" Hopkins, the award-winning, and accomplished cybersecurity VP, about her career, teaching style, and master plan to Empow(H)er African American women in the Cyber Security field. Tia says, "I am a Cybersecurity Executive who has spent the past 20+ years of my career in various IT and IT Security roles with over a decade of experience in the managed services space. My work focuses on helping organizations achieve cyber resilience through effective and efficient combinations of people, process, and technology; as well as influencing the rapid transformation and market value of high-growth, disruptive cybersecurity start-ups through market research and education, thought leadership and evangelism, product messaging, competitive differentiation, and roadmap guidance."