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Blak Cyber Podcast: Interview with Chelsea Pierre

Cybersixgill Presents an encore episode of George McPherson's Blak Cyber podcast.

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This week’s Blak Cyber podcast with George McPherson presents an interview with Chelsea Pierre, CEO of Blerds Leading Technology, whose vision is to create the strongest group of minority leaders in the technology industry. At age 21, Chelsea joined the United States Airforce, where she was introduced to IT. Today, she is a sought-after speaker, cybersecurity professional, thought leader, and certification instructor.

Listen as Chelsea discusses the lack of African-American women in cybersecurity and their challenges on issues such as barriers to entry, career advancements, and equal pay. She also shares what drew her to cybersecurity, why she wanted to be a mentor and the importance of knowing your worth.

Premiered initially Apr 11, 2020

ABOUT THIS EPISODE: In this episode, I sit down with Chelsea Pierre, is a speaker, cybersecurity professional, and certification instructor. She talks about how to get into cybersecurity and the different adversities minorities and women face in their journey. One of the many great stories Chelsea spoke on was one where she was able to talk to another minority woman struggling to find her way into the industry. Chelsea was able to connect with her and have a positive impact on her career. We need more crusaders like her ready to be the light when security hopefuls struggle to find their way.