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Blak Cyber Podcast: How ignorance started my cybersecurity career

Cybersixgill Presents an encore episode of George McPherson's Blak Cyber podcast.

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We are excited to announce our new weekly podcast series in partnership with George McPherson, cyber threat intelligence and risk management expert. Every Monday, we will bring a new podcast where George and esteemed guests share their personal stories of how they started in cybersecurity and insights into the latest industry news and trends.

Join us as George shares in How Ignorance Started My Cybersecurity Career the start of his journey into the cybersecurity industry, and how the podcast can address the critical shortage of African Americans in cybersecurity and help close the skills gap.

Premiered initially on March 29, 2020.

ABOUT THIS EPISODE: Today, on my first podcast episode, I talk about how I naively thought getting the CISSP could instantly make me $100,000 a year. Fortunately, this moment of not having a clue led me done a unique and fulfilling path into Cyber security.  This 9-year journey which I am still on, has been worth way more than the $100,000 coveted salary mark I was initially seeking. Here's to having a healthy dose of ignorance. Join me as we dive into all areas of cyber and the lives of excellent cyber professionals. Please subscribe and share to support this podcast.