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2023 Trends: Artificial intelligence will play an increasingly important role on both sides of the cyberwar battlefield

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In the second installment of our blog series discussing 2023 trends, we delve into how artificial intelligence (AI) changes the cybersecurity landscape for threat actors and organizations. According to our threat research experts, AI creates new opportunities for cyber attacks and alliances among threat groups. As a result, organizations increasingly face more significant challenges in taking proactive cybersecurity measures.

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But first, what is malicious AI? In a nutshell, malicious AI uses machine learning, or AI, to enable threat actors to perform nefarious activities more efficiently and overwhelm organizations being attacked. Malicious AI does this by helping threat actors find patterns to decrease their meantime to create damage and beat out the targets’ meantime to respond.


2023 Trend #2: AI will play an increasingly important role on both sides of the cyberwar battlefield.

  • The use of AI in cyber threat intelligence will escalate in 2023.  Why now, since AI has been in play for several years? Historically, criminals have embraced technologies a few years after launch when the technology has become easy to use. We are now at a point where teenagers can use scripts found on GitHub to do basic AI and use them for constructive purposes. Threat actors can use AI for an advanced  ‘credential stuffing’ attack, in which they can recognize patterns in passwords to generate password guesses for different systems. AI in Proactive and Pre-emptive Cybersecurity (the good guys): To respond to the escalation by threat actors and criminals using malicious AI, the government and enterprise organizations will need to use NLP and AI to move to proactive cybersecurity and move away from a reliance on past reactive approaches.
  • In 2023 - Automation using AI will play an essential role in Proactive Cybersecurity. The threat numbers are daunting. AI detects real threats and builds defenses. Combining automation, advanced analytics, and rich vulnerability to exploit intelligence addresses all Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures phases.
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Cybercrime is increasingly lucrative, and cybercriminals can rake in $1.5 trillion annually. In 2023, we expect a record-breaking year of cyber security breach notifications, not only because of the sophistication of threat actors but also due to considerable changes in the world. All these factors will impact organizations' ability to mitigate, remediate, and prevent a problem. Want to learn how Cybersixgill can help you assess, measure, prioritize, and address emerging threats? Contact us to discuss your threat intelligence needs and goals. To schedule a demo, please visit here.

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